Thursday, August 30, 2012



It is funny about paisley.  Some fashion seasons are universally paisley-friendly or even paisley-obsessed.  Some seasons are not.   It is hard to predict.

Sometimes, within the merchandising universe,  paisley pops up only on the designer level, sometimes only at Target level.  Sometimes it is strongest in the home decor area.  A recent spin through Target's website didn't turn up a single women's  paisley. Maybe in all fairness, that is momentary.  As this is being posted, Target paisleys might be getting assembled in China.

One of those paisley seasons for serious fashion appears to be Fall 2012.   Even Etro, the Italian-based family company with conflicted emotions about the motif, has plunged into paisley fashion with a big, bold ad campaign.  This is a company that identifies with the motif as brand tradition for its silk scarves, handbags, menswear and even dog beds, but sometimes gets nervous about paisley for its fashion collection. Its chic women's designer often prefers less predictable prints, maybe Aztec or Aboriginal.  However, this season, she applies a knowing hand to the motif in bold, beautiful ways. Well done, Veronica.  JP